Friday, August 31, 2007

Nadine Fenton, Montreal, PQ, CANADA

This PC of a Newfoundland Stamp just came in from Nadine in Montreal . . See her fine art at:

Many Thanks . . .

See you in the mail . . .

"Beuys will be Beuys" . . Mail OUT

Mail Art Show
Theme: "Beuys will be Beuys" This exhibit pays homage to the creator
of the Free International University and the ideas of social
sculpture. So let your art reflect and express "how we mould and
shape the world in which we live." "the total artwork of the future
social order", and "free democratic socialism". Joseph Beuys
The gallery one will be on view in the The Mabee-Simpson Library on
the campus of Lyon College and gallery two will be on view at
Morning Star Coffee House both in Batesville, Arkansas, USA, There
will be a weekly rotation of 4 to 5 artists per gallery over the
course of one year. This exhitition period will be extended
depending on the response from the Internation Mail Art Network.
Size is limited to 4"X6 or 10.16 cm X 15.24 cm for postcards and 8"
or 20.32 cm overall for 3D pieces. Email submissions accepted.
Please include your name, address and email address. You are welcome
to send more than one piece.
Exhibition documentation will include a website and catalogue to
every participant + CD
Deadline to be received November 30, 2007. Show will be installed
the first week of January and the concurrent website will be up that
Thank you for your support with this project.
John Chiaromonte
250 Lilly St.
Batesville, Arkansas, 72501 USA

Harmony/Disharmony, Mail Art Call in Italy

Getting back to the studio . . completing a few mail art projects that have been on hold while the sculpture has been priority. This one is off to Italy . .

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For Champe C. Smith

Envelope for Champe . . . sending off some MM3 Post cards to be handed out in NYC . . .
More soon . .

Vancouver, BC

The last day of the show "Neptune's Children" at the Jeffrey Boone Gallery in Vancouver.
Next venture into the world for the "Distorts" will be with Jeffrey when he sets up at the Toronto International Art fair.

Below . . Friends from DuBrule come to visit: Natasha, Heidi, Dale, Yvonne, Natsuko
. . The newsest Distort to join the collection . . now working on #114 in the series.
. . . Had the pleasure of meeting artist/performer Thomas Anfield — check out his work at: Thomas

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mailing to Korea

Part of a special mailing I am doing for a friend who is teaching english in Korea . . if you feel inspired send along a piece of mail art to the school at;
Angela McIntyre
c/o Noble Foreign English Insititute
7th Floor, Dong-a Sports Center
1160-74, Jisan-dong
Su-seung-gu, Daegu, Korea


Future Loop, Huntington, WV, USA

"Bunnyrabbit and thought bubble"
by Tom Hilgartner . . .

Part of a swap that I'll be working on . . . Thanks Tom.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mail for Anna Boschi - ITALY

A mailart piece for a call that is now on it's way to Anna in Italy . . . The figure is an original litho I did while in undergraduate at SWGC in Corner Brook, NL . . oh so many years ago now . . The art of recycling - of art . . . with upgrades through collage and drawing . .
Onward into another day . . finally getting to the place of carving again . . hope to hang out on the shoreline at Dallas Road for part of the day tomorrow and complete a piece that has been sitting on my workbench for far too long . . .

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jeffrey Boone Gallery Opening Night

Images from Opening Night

Jeffrey Boone Gallery Opening "Neptune's Children"

Installation images from the
Jeffrey Boone Gallery
140—#1 Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC
Opening was on Friday Night August 3rd.
The show is up until the 26th August, 2007.