Saturday, September 29, 2007

MM3 updates . .

The studio is active these days with so many projects occupying various regions of the J Space . . The new mail boxes for the Duck Building came into operation yesterday and some interesting additions to the Mailmania 3 project are showing up. This card from Wacky Stuff in with the mix. I'm revisiting some ideas for sculptural works that were part of an installation years ago . . and after several conversations with artists yesterday about what motivates us to do the work we do . . I decided to let go the restraints and just make the pieces I feel impelled to do . . Onward into the journey of this day . .

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cock a doodle doo . . . for Ira & Wayne

A fun piece that has also seen completion this day . . .This one is finally off on it's journey to Newfoundland . .

Brazillian Alabaster - 2007

Stone carving area of the studio has been active since the weeks prior to the artwalk . . . picked up another stone this week . . a red/orange Spanish alabaster . . . another project in the days ahead.

Art Call out: Opere All'Asta, Bologna, ITALY

Another Mail Art Call from Art Gallery Artrebates . . .
I'm enjoying getting to have time to see some of these projects finally get stamped and on the next phase of their journey.

Anna Banana, Robert's Creek, BC

The Banana Rag has arrived along with a grouping of wonderful stamps and an Anna B. special edition.
Next month will be the 20th Anniversary of IAP (International Art Post) Editions. I'm already working on my images for new stamps. It's always a highlight of the year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

James Bay Art Walk, Victoria, BC

James Bay Art Walk 2007
Another year come and gone for the Annual Art Walk . . year 3 now for participation in the event. I experimented with paper pulp this year and also carved stone on site at the Emily Carr House Historic Site.
Molly (otherwise known as Emily) came to visit artists along the route.

One Proud Newfie, Nanaimo, BC, CANADADA

Tanks m'dere . . .
Long may ya big jib draw . . .

Jokey X Wilson, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Dopey Bird"
Thanks Pete for the connection to Jokey . . . mail soon to be on the way south of the border . . .

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blackwood Opening

Opening of the David Blackwood Painting show at the Winchester Gallery.

Newfoundland Roots

A recent visit with Mrs Bennett had the knitting needles come out when I was describing a certain piece of sculpture to her . . she asked if I knew of certain method of knitting to create a coil . . . in a moment she had cast on the stitches and was giving me the instruction. She was teacher for the Grenfell Mission in Newfoundland. I have now picked up a simple technique that I can apply to some larger works.
Many Thanks . .

For Whacky Stuff . . . Art Call

Bad Words