Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stone Carving, 2008

A Brazilian soapstone.
In between all the various projects this stone has now seen completion and gets delivered tomorrow to it's new home.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mapping Correspondence, Center for Book Arts, NY, NY

The first in a series to go to the Mapping Correspondence Show curated by Champe Smith at the Center for Book arts in NYC.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ugly Touque . . .

The Graphic Designers of Canada recently held it's annual Winter event at the Curling Club . . with a contest for the "Ugliest Touque" . . I love a challenge and created 2 hats . . (see below) and . . won the prize for the ugliest .. . perhaps it was the ensemble that worked to seal the deal . . .I love a good contest . . just found out I won a "pallet of toys" from CBC TV for a children's charity of my choice . .decided on the Queen Alexandra Foundation Children's Hospital . . here in Victoria.

(Thanks to Andrew Keilbowicz for the use of several of these images
His works can be found at : AK DESIGN

Monday Magazine . . Review

Thanks to the talented writer/artist Danielle Hogan for this great review and to the Magazine for making such an amusing cover heading into the pages that followed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

08 Greetings

The New year is here . . and so I close the chapter on the past year with the show at Martin Batchelor Gallery ending on the 24th of December and the works now packed for their next viewing .. the last day was interesting with a film crew coming in to interview me and to work on shots for an upcoming film project .. (details on this as it is worked out in the months ahead).
One of the last people to come into the gallery was a blind woman who had a chance to feel the works and talk with me about her experience of form and texture. The scents of oakum and tarred hemp were an added addition to the experience of the pieces. She had grown up near dock sites in England.
Last day of the year and a walk along the shoreline . . couldn't help myself . . I came home with driftwood for new works. . . It's that time to back up images and files . . . back to work. See you soon . . .