Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mark Sonnenfeld, East Windsor, NJ, USA

A Chapbook from Mark Sonnenfeld . . Mark was a participant in the first of the Mailmania Series of Mail Art Shows . . .

See more of Mark's work here: literaryrevolution

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Studio Visitor-Carole Reid

Some trades I did with carole while she was visiting . .
Carole Reid ( via Nanaimo) dropped by today and brought her daughter and friend along. She came bearing offerings for the Shrine Project . . . Seems that the room of All Sorts is a fascination for many . . even met someone on the street that remembered a coversation where I mentioned the room and that I was collecting a number of things . . Donald Duck among them . . she is bringing in a velvet Donald Painting tomorrow.

Onward into the night as I try and sort through the many things that need doing before Saturday and the Paint In.

Thanks again Carole . . loved getting to hear of your Newfoundland family and sharing stories . . .great seeing you today.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crossing the great waters . . .

A 4 AM rise before the sun and 6 AM bus ride to Vancouver . . . Work Work Work and another bus back . . though missing one by less than 2 minutes wasn't the most pleasing of news . . deep breath and reach into the back pack . . . I always have a crochet hook and cotton with me . . so time is never wasted . . .
The sunset was a pleasing end to the day . . . It was so pleasant with the warm winds as the ferry wound it's way through the gulf islands.

Gearing myself for the "Moss Street Paint In" next weekend . . getting ATC supplies together since our station is a passport stop for the young artists along the route. Mailarta has fabrics draped about the studio . . sewing soon to happen . . . stay tuned.

Studio Visitor . . Caroline James

Another one of those meet on the street moments and an instant invite to visit Studio J— Caroline and I worked together teaching for awhile . . .
Check out her work at:
Caroline James

Friday, July 6, 2007

A delightful painted envelope from Ruud Janssen . . I'm about to pass along the 3 entries for the TAM- RSA . . .Many Thanks for the mail.