Monday, May 21, 2007

Nick Bantock Workshops

This posting just came in from Nick . .

Nick B A N T O C K W O R K S H O P S

Upcoming classes at Nick’s spacious new Gallery and Studio-Workshop, in Merchant Mews on Saltspring. There are four dates set aside for workshops in 2007.

WORKSHOP ONE June 23, 24
This first weekend class will focus on collage techniques and the layering of rich collaged artworks. It’s preferable that you have had some experience in this field, though a general artistic capacity will see you through without too much pain. As well as plenty of practical collage time, Nick will engage everyone in a variety of art discussions intended to provoke a better understanding of nature of art.

WORKSHOP TWO July 28, 29
This class is designed to go a little deeper into the art of serious collage (serious in this case means you’ll need a bit more knowledge of the art), as well as the roots of creative passion. This workshop is for the slightly braver or those who did the first workshop and wish to enter a little further into the forest. We’ll also be covering such things as the murky edges between ‘form and content’ and the ways to circumnavigate creative block.

Slightly different from the first two classes, we’ll be focusing on both images and words. Nick will be discussing his mix of text and art and how they came together in his books.
You’ll be doing a mixture of art and writing, though Nick promises that neither will feel remotely like being at school! Without being ‘therapy’ there is inevitably a small degree of personal content to this workshop, so you will need to bring both your honesty and your sense of humour.

Is more varied, playful and experimental workshop. We’ll be working with lots of different mediums, including found materials both 2D and 3D. The results of your endeavors may be the best and/or the worst Christmas presents in the world. On the other hand it could just be what Jung described when he said, ”There is no creativity without play.”

Beginning at 9am on a Saturday morning and finishing at 4pm on Sunday, the price for each of the weekend workshops is $350. As well as tuition and the provision of some basic materials, the weekend will also include a get together and a glass of wine at Nick and Joyce’s house early on the Saturday evening. Gourmet sandwiches will also be provided for both Saturday and Sunday lunches. Please note, we’ll work on a first come first served basis. Deposits of $100 are needed when registering and the remaining $250 must be paid one month before the workshop.
For further information contact us at: or ph.250 538 0991

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