Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Transformations - Grenfell Art Gallery, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Transformations: Dale Roberts/Dame Mailarta
Curated by Ingrid Mary Percy
January 13 to February 15
The curator states: Roberts uses knitting, crocheting, painting, sculpture, weaving, collage, performance, assemblage and social engagement to explore ideas of play, home, culture, tradition, religion, identity and sexuality. 
Transformations: Dale Roberts/Dame Mailarta which is curated by Ingrid Mary Percy brings together the two main streams of Dale Roberts artistic practice: his textile based sculptural work and his performance/mail art embodied by his alter ego, Dame Mailarta.  
Dale Roberts was born in the town of Point Leamington, Notre Dame Bay Newfoundland in 1962. He attended the School of Fine Arts at Grenfell Campus Memorial University in Corner Brook, NL where he was part of the first graduating class in the Visual Arts program in 1992. He completed an MFA at Purchase College, State University of New York in Purchase, NY in 1995. From 1996 - 9 he was an assistant to various artists in New York including Jackie Winsor. From 1999 to the present Dale has lived and worked in Victoria, British Columbia. Since 1997, he has participated in over 70 solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the USA.

 Installation View
Girly Buoy, Either/Oar, Luke II and Lukey's Boat
  Installation View
Girly Buoy, Either/Oar, Luke II, Lukey's Boat and Distorts
Installation View
Nereid's Gold and Distorts
 Nereid's Gold
 Installation View
Nereid's Gold and Waterford Entry
 Waterford Entry
 Installation View
I'se da Buoy and Distorts
 Distorts - Installation View
Distorts - Installation View
Outports and Distorts
 Installation View
I'se da Buoy and Lukey's Boat
Assemblage - Suitcase Works 
Sebastian's Journal and Personal Ad
Needle felted portrait sculpture - Installation View
Media Room - Video Projection
Mailarta's Performance Costume
This show is dedicated to my brother Tony G. Roberts, 1958-2014

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