Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Studio Visitor-Carole Reid

Some trades I did with carole while she was visiting . .
Carole Reid ( via Nanaimo) dropped by today and brought her daughter and friend along. She came bearing offerings for the Shrine Project . . . Seems that the room of All Sorts is a fascination for many . . even met someone on the street that remembered a coversation where I mentioned the room and that I was collecting a number of things . . Donald Duck among them . . she is bringing in a velvet Donald Painting tomorrow.

Onward into the night as I try and sort through the many things that need doing before Saturday and the Paint In.

Thanks again Carole . . loved getting to hear of your Newfoundland family and sharing stories . . .great seeing you today.

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Elaine Kerr said...

So this is the talented Carole Reid. I did an altered book exchange with Carole and another artist last year. I haven't met her yet — please send regards if you see her.