Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crossing the great waters . . .

A 4 AM rise before the sun and 6 AM bus ride to Vancouver . . . Work Work Work and another bus back . . though missing one by less than 2 minutes wasn't the most pleasing of news . . deep breath and reach into the back pack . . . I always have a crochet hook and cotton with me . . so time is never wasted . . .
The sunset was a pleasing end to the day . . . It was so pleasant with the warm winds as the ferry wound it's way through the gulf islands.

Gearing myself for the "Moss Street Paint In" next weekend . . getting ATC supplies together since our station is a passport stop for the young artists along the route. Mailarta has fabrics draped about the studio . . sewing soon to happen . . . stay tuned.

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